Embrace a good time


11th October 2014

As we get older what do we remember the most, the good times or the bad times? And if we had the chance to change something would we erase o e of those bad times or add another good time to the list? I think the latter myself. Unlike Frank Sinatra I do have some regrets, but most of them revolve around things I wish I should have done rather than mistakes I made or periods when life wasn’t treating me all that well. The beautiful young woman you wish you had kissed. That special sensual experience that passed one by, such as enjoying the company of two beautiful busty girls with nothing on their mind but pleasure. The chance encounter with a sexy stranger who made it clear that you could make love to her but you remained constant to a girlfriend, a relationship long since consigned to history whilst the vision of the beautiful girl is indelibly etched on one’s mind.

But dwelling on such things is a waste of energy. What one must do is embrace the present and make plans to experience all of those things that have so far passed you by but which would bring you the greatest pleasure. Never booked a Hertfordshire Escort before? Pick up the phone. I promise it will not be the last time you want to enjoy the sweet companionship of a super-sexy busty escort! Or go the whole way and book two accommodating and nubile escorts from Hertfordshire Escorts or Buckinghamshire Escorts. That is certainly one experience that will go straight to the top of your good times list!